Reghed Tribes

They are children ofthe glacier, as suggested by their collective name. They are people ofthe wild, as revealed by their tribal names—the Elk, the Tiger, the Wolf, the Bear. They are the tribes of Icewind Dale, proud and wild and strong, bound to ancient traditions that have kept them alive through count- less harsh winters in Icewind Dale. The people of Ten-Towns and southern lands call them barbarians, because these wilderness folk disdain what they call the weakness of civilized people.

Markedly taller than most southerners, with some males approaching seven feet in height, the Reghed barbarians have blue eyes and hair ofblond, red, or light brown. Their skin is bronzed from the sun and cracked by the wind, giving their faces the look of tough leather set in an expressionless mask. They dress in leather and furs, dyed in bright colors that stand out against the brown and white ofthe tundra.

The four main tribes have been bitter rivals in
the past. Some tribes have diminished, and some minor tribes have disbanded over the past century, many oftheir members settling in Ten-Towns and abandoning their traditional ways. Of the remaining tribes—Elk, Tiger, Wolf, and Bear—the Tribe of the Elk is the most prominent. It is the tribe ofthe best- known hero ofthe Reghed barbarians, Wulfgar, son of Beornegar.

The Reghed tribes are nomadic, following herds of reindeer on their annual migrations southwest in the winter and northeast in the summer. The barbarians live in large, round tents made ofdeerskin and supported by beams ofwood harvested from the Spine ofthe World or the trees near Lonelywood. After each seasonal migration, they erect their tents in an encampment that remains more or less unchanged for the length ofthe season.

A typical camp includes a ring oflarge tents that house the tribe’s king and the other important mem bers: its shaman, its most honored hunter, its greatest warrior, and the like. Each tent is surrounded by campfires where warriors ofthe tribe sleep in the open, protected from the cold by the flames and thick fur blankets. Smaller tents surround the inner circle, with campfires scattered around and among them.


Though they once frequently raided Ten Towns, in the past century there has been a great deal of cooperation (if not trust) between the two peoples. But recent aggression on the part of the Tribe of the Bear may be reversing this.

Reghed Tribes

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