Rexus Bormul

A conniving noble in exile


Male Human Noble


Dispossessed from his plush living circumstances as the “king” of the Seatower of Balduran’s dungeon, Rexus is quite wroth. His plans to undermine his brother’s control of their family now ruined, Rexus has allied with his nephew to evade capture for their part in a prison break, and to reestablish their power base elsewhere.

During the escape, Rexus coldly murdered one his “favorite” prison guards, the Flaming Fist mage Cossandra Fairweather – a known paramour of ALAN WHITCOMB.

Rexus is a keen minded noble who is practiced in using his financial sway and disarming charm to worm his way into positions of comfort and authority.

Rexus Bormul

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