Hengar Aesnvaard

A young barbarian troubled with his tribe's survival


Male Human Barbarian


Hengar grew up as a boy hearing legends of the Reghed barbarian king Wulfgar. ife. The king’s loyalty to the tribes, his trust in his own strength to win through adversity, and the restless wanderings of his late career all spoke to the virtues that Hengar had been taught since he was a boy.

But Hengar’s takeaway from the stories was different from his tribes’s. While they saw Wulfgar’s rejection of a life with the dwarves to return to his rightful place among his people, Hengar saw a sense of duty. Where they spoke ofWulfgar’s reliance on his own might, Hengar saw the hero’s reliance on his friends. And where some pointed to the famed king’s journeys as a rejection of the sentimentality of city- dwellers, who foolishly die rather than leave their precious homes, Hengar saw the searching of a man who no longer felt at home among his people.

Now a seasoned warrior of the Elk Tribe, he still has difficulty seeing eye to eye with his own people. He has never understood the aloof’ness between the Reghed tribes and the people ofTen- Towns when there is so much each could offer the other. But on the few times when he broached the subject, he nras harshly rebuked by his peers, so now Hengar mostly keeps his thoughts to himself.

Recently, with the sightings ofthe Ice Witch,
Hengar has had new reason to speak his mind.
When the warriors spoke ofthe witch’s apparent
invincibility and Mjenir offered no advice other
than to flee, Hengar decided it was time to seek the
aid ofthe people ofTen-Towns. With King Jarund’s permission he set off to Bryn Shander to seek knowledgable aid.

Hengar Aesnvaard

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