Guy Bormul

The [Deceased] scion of a fallen house of Baldur's Gate


Male Human Knight (advanced Hit Die)


Having fled his family’s banishment from Baldur’s Gate in a daring prison break, Guy Bormul has sworn revenge on the men who single-handedly dismantled his family and all they stood for. Made a pariah in his home city, Guy fled with his uncle REX BORMUL to the north – anticipating that authorities in Athkatla might be waiting for them.

Guy obviously received funding from the more southerly branch of his noble house when he and his uncle landed in Waterdeep, where he proceeded to sail north into Icewind Dale. Now disgraced and harried by his foes, the angry young aristocrat sought escape, as so many do, in the frozen north.

Bormul was finally confronted by the Heroes of the Wide, and killed by the Oghman Agent, Alan Whitcombe.

Guy Bormul

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