A tavern girl accidentally embroiled in a cult's machinations


Female Human Commoner (15 Years old)


Breena was content to be a tavern girl, earning supplemental income for her family by pouring drinks and serving meals in one of Easthaven’s oldest establishments.

When the Heroes of the Wide saved Easthaven from a vicious pirate raid, Breena couldn’t help but be a little curious about the town’s saviors. While checking in on one of the heroes who was staying in the inn, Breena ran afoul of an almost botched kidnapping. As agents of the Cult of Auril attempted to kidnap Bertolf Crane, Breena witnessed their crime and tried to raise an alarm. In return she got a dagger in the throat. Clinging to life, she was brought to Aldric Longbeard, who saved her from a mortal wound.

Knowing that the girl would be targeted by concealed cultists, Aldric and his companions decided to take the girl under their wing for her own safety.

She is especially fond of Aldric and J’ah Casavir.


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