Corruption in Icewind Dale

The Cold Breath of Auril's Vengence

Act II — Session 7

Eleint (September) 31, 7:00 am

Our heroes struck out from the encamped Elk Tribe as soon as light would allow. A whole day of travel south saw little more trouble than the portentious greying of the skies.

That night however,t he party was harried by a handful of Bear Tribe raiders who had been on patrol or otherwise escaped the assault on Evermelt. The initial attack was repelled, and the bold and vengeful Pelagornis Sandersi IV ersued the skirmishes to their camp, facing off with the help of Eye-Gore. He narrowly escaped being overwhelmed, and the party coordinated a succesful counter attack. Capturing one of the zealous devotees of Auril, they learned that the frost Godess was amassing an army to strike at the heart of Icewind Dale, and that an active cult in her name was working within Ten Towns.

Marpenoth (October) 1, 2:34 pm
The next day saw great tragedy. A horrific storm swelled up all around our heroes, limiting visibility and agitating the weatherbeaten horse, Ambrosius. Eventually, the wagon rolled up to a great hill, the sound of vicious winter wolve on the other side. Tellus Casavir, as if foreshadowing what was to become of him, expressed his doubts about the hill, and was proven true. No sooner had Mr. Jones ascended it, the lump of snow exploded into motion. A yeti, easily two stories tall, swung its mighty claws and roared. It spewed freezing breath onto the cart, severly wounding most of our heroes. Kharatazul the Chastised tried to forestall it with a mass of writhing ethereal tentacles, as he had done to deter The Ice Witch, but to little effect. The pony wheeled about in fear, dragging the wagon away from battle and yanking Tellus, and Alan Whitcombe with it. Pelagornis stood against the towering yeti bravely, a huge hole being wrent into his metal helm, leaving the glowing light of his soul-skull emenating through. As the party laid low the winter wolves, the battle took a horrifying turn…

In a moment of cunning inspired by Auril’s influence, the yeti retreated back behind the writhing tentacles to discover Zhuul and Tellus moving to flank it. In one blast of frigid and deadly breath, it killed both of the brave heroes where they stood. The solid ice form of Tellus Casvir shattered and crumbled to blood-drenched snow.

Distraught, the party fought with rage and desperation, and brought the beast down, hacking it to pieces and taking its might head as a trophy. But the damage was done. The broken corpses of their allies were loaded intot he wagon for a proper burial once the party had reached Dwarven Vally.

That night, they arrived and as word spread, and air of solemnity fell over the alley. In his sorrow, Jones went to his beloved Helda Silverstream confessing his melancholy and existential doubts, as well as his affections for the dwarf merchant. With her usual bravado, she told Jones that he had a destiny to fulfill, and that his friends were counting on him, just as the people of Dwarven Valley were counting on her to stay in her homeland for a time and see to its rebuilding. This task would mean marriage, motherhood. Both she agreed to grudgingly, but it meant any romantic tryst with Jones would be a fanatasy for another time.

Meanwhile, strange events stirred in the dwarven temple. As Aldric Longbeard prepared the bodies of his comrades, the black ice in Zuul’s pack began to move on its own. The pieces clattered together, making the shape of a small dragon. A luminous mist seeped out of the gnome’s small body and into the sculpture, which began to animate. Witha triumphant roar, Zuul, now in his new, disturbing body, flew off into the night. Sleep in the relative warmtha nd supreme comfort of their apartment was welcome.

Marpenoth 2, 7:15 am
In the morning, Helda Silverstream woke the party to relay more bad news. Upon meeting Dain Stokley Silverstream, they learned that a band of miners and some rough looking body guards had just arrived in the valley and laid claim to some of the southern mines. Agitated,t he party went to confront the trespassers for Stokley with Jones being especially ready to draw blood. To their surprise, a familiar face was in the crowd.

J’ah Kreature had traveled to Icewind Dale just days prior via a one-way portal, and became a guest of Mithann. She had summoned him as political tensions in Ten Towns were boiling over, and the number of murders ramped up. In order to investigate, Kreature ingratiated himself witht he miners and accompanied them to the Valley. As the group met with the swaggering scoundrel who lead this illegal expedition (a man named Fordan who wore many sigils of defeated foes, including a Harper badge) Kreature revealed himself and twisted the situation around his diplomatic finger.

Things became confused, a reunion occured, Kreture swore a blood oath to his friends in House Casavir of Baldur’s Gate (both to the willing and unwilling members) and some aggresive diplomacy and grudging acceptance on Stokely’s part, lead to a monumental resolution. The miners would be allowed to stay if they paid Stokely a tax and worked only certain parts of the mine – a far different deal than the one the hostile takeover the brigands from Bryn Shander were offering.

Having secured a tentative peace, the party swiftly packed up for an arduous journey to Easthaven, to pursue the hated Bormuls and their allies within The Zhentarim with an enthusiastic J’ah Casavir joining them. En route, more terrible weaather slowed their progress. During a sudden squall, the sound of roaring owlbears and twanging crossbows could be heard.

After an agressive skirmish, the party stopped to question the man they had inadvertently aided. Clad in black and gold armor, he appeared to be a member of the Zhentarim, though the diving dragon emblem was nowehere on his person. He announced himself as Bertolf Crane, a former Viper in the Zhentarim. He implied that th enew leadership of Guy Bormul had disgusted him, and turned him from his patron organization. Seeing an ally in the enemy of their enemy, the companions took Bertolf into their caravan and continued on.

Marpenoth 3, 11:52 am
Blown about by repeated storms, our heroes struggled on as ambrosius bore the weight of the cart and the cold. Partway through the day they ran across a suspicious merchant, who after some tension, agreed to let the adventurers look over his wares and make a few trades (Principally the three pristine owlber pelts). The merchant agreed with little cajoling, to accompany the caravan back to Easthaven, his point of origin (Lost in the storms, he doubted that he would find his way to Bryn Shandar before danger found him.

The party passed a cloaked traveller on their way into town, but passed by without incident. Arriving at dusk, Easthaven was still bustling with people coming to and fro to finish their day. After settling in their wagon and mount at a safe place in the stables, the party wandered into town, with Bertolf warry for his former friends. They passed a doomspeaker, shouting for the people to repent in the name of Auril. There was, fotunately, no incident.

Soon they came to a usual haunt of the hentarim troops, one of Easthaven’s more favorable inns, Cairn’s Crossing. Weary from a ahrd road filled with cold winds, cruel claws, and sorrow, our heroes dropped heavily into their chairs and ordered drinks and meals. The warmth of the fire was welcome, and even the sound of laughter and other humanoid voices was refreshing.

Then a crowd left the bar, clearing the way for them to see the entire main hall of the inn. And Pelagornis’ eyes locked with those of none other than Guy Bormul…

EXP: 1,600 per person
Loot: Massive Yeti Head
Loot found on fallen friends:
Tellus: Burglar’s Pack, Thieves Tools, Dice set and playing cards, Chalkx2, an ancient arrow of elven design, Bag of holding, dwarf wiz scrimshaw, x6 daggers, shortbow, 12 arrows,
33 cp, 129 sp, 1948 gp, 2 pp, 55gp in gems

Zuul: Medical supplies, wolf head helm, steel mirrror, spoon, candle, medicine, cloak with dragon fringe design, lantern of revealing, 1 greater healing potion, 1 potion of cold resistance, 1 potion of heroism,

200 sp, 891 gp + 150pp



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