Corruption in Icewind Dale

Over Sea and Over Land

Act 0 – Session 1

In the week after the fall of Rilsa Rael, Bhaal’s Chosen, our heroes began tying up loose ends. Alan Whitcombe and Aldric Longbeardboth went south on missions of memorial. One, to see to the burial of his short-time paramour, Cossondra Fairweather, the other to return belongings held by Baldur’s Gate’s greatest hero to his home in Candlekeep.

As our heroes saw to the recovery of the city, (and were showered with gifts, praise, thanks, and in Aldric’s case, a request to officiate a marriage) destiny approached. One evening they were called on to join the paladin Isteval for an early dinner. The crippled warrior and Chosen of the Sun God Amaunator beseeched them to go northward. He had received visions from his God that heralded the next stage of The Sundering – the arrival of another Chosen. This time, the divinely imbued servant championed the cruel ice Goddess Auril. This new Chosen, (and he presumed, agents of the Cult of Auril) would seek to cover the entirety of upper Fäerun in a ceaseless winter; bringing all lands and peoples under the goddesses capricious subjugation.

Having heard of the hero’s successes in defeating the Chosen of Bhaal and stifling the Lord of Murder’s cult, Isteval found them to be the natural choice in opposing Auril. Though he was invested with no authority and few funds to support them, Isteval impressed upon them a need to preserve the balance of the world, and offered to make arrangements for the hero’s journey before he himself saw to lurking dangers in Daggerford.

Most of the Heroes of Baldur’s Gate agreed to Isteval’s request, and set to preparing for the long journey into the inhospitable north. In addition to this world-spanning threat, the assistance of the Sage’s Guild had revealed that the two escaped Bormuls were making their way by ship northward, and there was a good chance of catching up to them on the way. A thought the stalwart Pelagornis Sandersi IV relished. Alan and Aldric both hit the books to prepare for the unfamiliar terrain, their desire to reach Icewind Dale further spurred by orders from the gran clergy of the faith of Oghma. Visions received by the Chosen of their own god saw a horrific future of world-shaping climate change were Auril’s Chosen to be allowed the freedom to carry out the goddesses plans. Among those visions were several uninterpreted images:

•A Luskanite Wizard
•A dwarf bleeding black slush from all his orifices
•An elk fighting a bear.
•A hobgoblin and a a rat with chains on their necks being unleashed

Before leaving, Pelagornis underwent a ritual to dedicate himself as a rarity among his faith: swearing and oath of vengeance against the enemies of civilization and industry and becoming a relentless avatar of destruction for his otherwise even-tempered god. Amidst the clanging of hammers and simmering of furnaces, Pelagornis pledged to destroy his foes by any means necessary. And as insurgents who would risk the destruction of Baldur’s Gate to ensure their personal authority, the Bormuls were a prime target for his wrath.

With their equipment and belongings in order, goodbyes said (this excludes their reluctant ally and sometime superior officer, the Flaming Fist Marshall Ulder Ravengard) the party boarded their ship: the Eyrie Monster, under the care of a grizzled but personable Captain Pridemore. Also seeking passage on the ship was a well dressed and well spoken calligrapher, one Mister Bartholomew Jones.

Their first stop was Waterdeep, where the ship acquired cargo and two new passengers of small stature. The first was a dwarf merchant who filled the already crammed holds and deck with her stock of goods. The amenableHelda Silverstream was a world hardened traveller and a shrewd businesswoman, who was eager for a little adventure on the high seas among storied heroes.

The other newcomer, was a more reserved gnome called Kharatazul the Chastised, though he quickly pointed out that “Zul” would suffice. Though a grim sort, he was not unapproachable, and soon fell in with the companions as they settled into a life at sea and in very close quarters with one another.

Upon reaching Neverwinter the party had a few days of respite on land. Alan took the opportunity to link up with old contacts, and was offered a position among The Harpers at the behest of one of Biri’s old allies. Meanwhile, Zul exercised a bit of his frustration by killing a particularly irritating ruffian outside of the Moonstone Mask, and sneaking away before he was caught.

But the final leg of the sea voyage to Luskan would not be so easy. Only a day out of the City of Sails, the alarm was called by the lookout – a ship flying pirate colors was sighted off to starboard. After a few hours pursuit it was clear that the swift pirate vessel would no doubt overtake The Eyrie Monster and board her. Our heroes readied for battle, and when the time came, the pirate vessel smashed into the Monster head first. A first and fast melee broke out, but the pirates had underestimated the tenacity of their prey’s passengers. In the end, the party stood on the deck of the enemy ship, all combatants slain and crew surrendered, their personal treasure now filling the pockets of the Monster’s passengers and crew.

But the biggest windfall came after a day of cautious and treacherous wheeling and dealing in the chaotic city of Luskan. Thanks to Captain Pridemore’s experience, a few favors, and no small amount of luck, he was able to sell the salvaged pirate ship for an incredibly fair price, which was then divided amongst all those on board the Monster. Knowing that the allies of the defeated pirates would soon catch up with them, Pridemore cast off quickly, and the party along with Helda, joined the caravan setting off for Icewind Dale.

Days of boring, tedious travel and hard weather lay ahead. Along the journey their numbers deterred bandits but seemed to barely keep bands of wild animals at bay. Finally, after a sum of nearly forty days travel from their departure in Baldur’s Gate, on the early morning of September 24, our heroes finally sighted the gates of Bryn Shander, the trade hub of Ten-Towns.

But the caravan would not reach the gates, before the cries of concealed yetis broke the chill silence of the early morning air: it was an ambush!


EXP: 250 Each
GP: 100 (Pirate booty + Isteval’s Financing) 450 (Ship Value)



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