Corruption in Icewind Dale

Fall of the Black Ice Betrayer

Act I — Session 4

Eleint (September) 26, 8:00pm
Racing to the rescue, our heroes swiftly prepared to free Alan Whitcombe, Tellus Casavir, and the Elk Tribe barbarian Hengar Aesnvaard. Stopping at the smith and alchemist to acquire potions and arms, the party then sought Dain Stokley Silverstream’s advice on infiltrating the halls of black ice undetected. The dwarven lord loaned them the use of one of his scouts, a hard-eyed dwarf by he name of Pontar.

Pontar guided the vengeful heroes down a little guarded rampway and passage on the opposite side of the valley. Narrowly avoiding discovery by a passing patrol, Pontar proved his worth as a guide and companion, and led the others right to Baerick Hammerstone’s very doorstep.

Within, the crazed craftsman was raving at Tellus and Alan, their companion Hengar barely conscious and badly beaten. At his side were two veteran dwarf fighters, corrupted and twisted by the black ice, and a woman whose dress and mannerisms marked her as a stranger in Icewind Dale. She spoke against the heroes, recommending that Baerick kill them outright.

Pontar drew the door guards into the hallway where the party put them down, before rushing into Baerick’s chambers to the aid of their friends. The pitched battle was almost joined by a squad of The Zhentarim‘s mercenaries, but quick thinking and a few quick spells laid low the would be reinforcements. In the end, one Zhentarim soldier and Baerick himself survived the skirmish, with our heroes triumphant. Healing their wounds seiftly and gathering up their gear and any loot that wasn’t too much to bear (an easier prospect now that the had a bag of holding) the group fled down the side tunnels that the late Pontar had revealed to them, signaling Stokley’s men that they were in need of aid.

Just as they were starting to get lost in the deeper parts of he dwarven mines, several Battlehammer Hold soldiers found the party, and guided them out of hostile territory. Baerick and the mercenary were imprisoned, the later rveealing under magical interrogation that the Zhentarim had reached a business deal with the Black Ice dwarves – one that would be cut as short as the captive’s life was by the cold metal hands of Pelagornis Sandersi IV. At Hengar’s insistence, the party made plans to leave promptly in the morning, a grateful Stokely happy to reward them with a permanent dwelling in Dwarven Valley. The Valley’s troubles may not be entirely over, but the greatest dangers were squelched.

This perhaps being his last chance, a polite Mr. Jones approachedthe group’s longtime travelling companion, the merchant Helda Silverstream with a perhaps vague request. Having picked up on his personal quirks, she understood the message, and invited him into her room. Beer and wine made one thing lead to another, and it wasn’t long before Jones had the rare pleasure of experiencin dwarven pleasure.

Eleint (September) 27, 6:00 am
In the morning, the party convened for a hearty breakfast feast in their name. Speeches and gifts were given, thanks were shared, and the party was stocked with ample equipment for the journey north. Perhaps Jones was a bit sadder to leave, all things considered.

Alan Whitcombe took the lead, his training in wilderness survival having been tested during the journey to Icewind Dale. While guiding the party, he found evidence of a polar bear nearby, and the group agreed to bypass the potentially dangerous beast.

That night, Pelagornis assumed the first watch. But the tundra’s predators are the masters of their domain, and not easily spotted when arranging an ambush. It was far to late to sound the alarm by the time he heard the yeti howling, from mere feet away!


• Two adjoined apartments (accomodates 6 persons) on the Battlehammer Hold side of Dwarven Valley
• Gold, gifts from Helda Silverstream, and black ice items acquired from Baerick’s men (already passed out during the adventure.)
• 3 black ice helmets, 3 black ice amulets, 2 sets of black ice breastplate armor, 4 black ice battleaxes, 1 black ice warhammer (looted from the corpses of foes, not accounted for in the session).

1,600 (already accumulated during the session)



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