Population 600

Termalaine has a well-deserved reputation as the most picturesque town in Icewind I)ale. Without the confinement of a wall, the settlement unfurls from the banks ofMaer Dualdon in long, broad avenues dotted with trees, inviting travelers to stroll down
to the water’s edge.

The town does not feel busy or crowded—its spacious houses are widely spread along the avenues, and its inhabitants go leisurely about their days. Termalaine has its own fishing fleet, and one often hears workers down on the docks calling out to one another or to the boats coming in off the lake, but the town is not dominated by its fishing industry the way Targos is. Crafters and artisans are as numerous here as shipwrights, and their work improves on the town’s natural beauty. Many build- ings feature intricate braid-work carved into their wood frames and doors, and scrimshaw ornaments and wind chimes hang in their windows. But per- haps what endears Termalaine most to travelers is
its people.

Though rough and hard-working like all the other inhabitants ofTen-Towns, the folk of Termalaine are also friendly, good-natured, and wel coming ofstrangers. Some people say that’s because they get so few travelers compared to the likes of Bryn Shander, but in truth it’s because the people ofTermalaine love the small corner ofFaerfln they have carved out for themselves, and they want visi tors to fall in love with it, too.

Termalaine is also characterized by its ceaseless rivalry with neighboring Targos.


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