Dwarven Valley

Well over three centuries old, Dwarven Valley was the home of the dispossessed clan Battlehammer until the recovery of Mithril Hall. Now a crucial part of the Icewind Dale economy, Dwarven Valley exports fine weapons, armor, and smithcraft, and serves as one of the regions major sources of iron (though the ore in recent years has become less plentiful and harder to reach).

The dwarved build their shops, forges, homes, and of course, taverns, in sections of mine that have been hollowed out and completely stripped of ore. The settlement is bisected by a deep cleft in the valley, over which sturdy wood or stone bridges connect those living below the harsh winds of the dale.

The valley can be accessed via a precarious switchback path at the north end known as the “Daledrop.”

Very recently, political dissension between the rightful ruler of Dwarven Valley, and the Black Ice smith. . Leadership of the Valley has divided it into two strongholds: Battlehammer hold and Stokely’s faction to the west, with Hammerstone in the Halls of Black Ice to the East.

Dwarven Valley

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