Cult of Auril

Auril — Goddess of Winter
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domain: Tempest, Nature
Symbol: 6-pointed snowflake on heraldic lozenge (PROTIP: Look at the background)

Commandments: "_Let in the cold, that it may chase away the false security ofwarmth. Embrace the cold, that you may feel my presence. Spread the cold, that others may know and fear my power. Do not kill creatures of
the cold except in great need, for I embrace them as my own. Slay others as you will, for my chill breath spares neither king nor beggar, and those who do not know the dangers ofthe cold can still perish by it_.”

Auril is a deity with few followers, and even fewer true clerics (mostly female). Despite this, most who live in dangerous arctic climes keep a shrine to Auril, or practice some form of tribute (burying coins or food in the snow) in order to appease the tempestuous, jealous, and cruel goddess of winter. Those who are called to her service usually have an epiphany after an extended period spent surviving out in the elements.

Offering sacrifices to Auril is socially accept- able—even expected—in places where the threat of winter’s fury is very grave. Devoting oneselfto the Frostmaiden’s service is not. Auril is known as a cruel goddess who loves to inspire fear, and those who would devote themselves to such a deity can hardly be thought to have the well-being of the community in mind.

Auril’s goal is subjugate as many mortals as she can – forcing them into her worship and slowly but surely bringing about an ice age unending.

Cult of Auril

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