Caer Dinneval

Population 250

In generations past, travelers to Caer-Dineval had to make their way east from the hills around Bryn Shander and then cut north, following the rocky shore ofLac Dinneshere until after several weary hours they spied a small fortress (the “caer” for which the town is named) jutting up from the prominence where it overlooks the lake.

Whether arriving “by land or by lac,” visitors are immediately confronted by the fortifications for which the town is famous: its clifftop caer and the now-ruined watchtower at the mouth ofthe harbor. Most ofthe town’s buildings line the path that winds down the steep slope from the caer to the harbor, perched on the rocky face like cliffside nests. Newer structures have been built out along the approach coming up the western shore. The effect is that visi tors enter Caer-Dineval in procession, filing up the narrow street past the buildings on either side, from which the residents watch with a mixture of inter- est and suspicion. Iftravelers do not turn aside into a shop or tavern, the road brings them to the top of the bluff deposits them at the Caer’s gates.

The citizens here are the sworn rivals of Car Konig.

Caer Dinneval

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