Tag: Deceased


  • Guy Bormul

    Having fled his family's banishment from Baldur's Gate in a daring prison break, Guy Bormul has sworn revenge on the men who single-handedly dismantled his family and all they stood for. Made a pariah in his home city, Guy fled with his uncle REX BORMUL …

  • Kharatazul the Chastised

    (Deceased?) Killed by a massive yeti on the open tundra of Icewind Dale. His sould seeped into a pile of purified Black Ice and assembled into the form of a small dragon, which flew away.

  • Tellus Casavir

    Tellus returned to Baldur’s Gate after having been instructed to start his studies at a seminary. Having no intention of being a priest, he follows in the footsteps of his former pirate father and is embroiled in dangerous adventures with unscrupulous …