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  • Rescue in Bryn Shander

    *Eleint (September) 25, 1485 DR - 6:07 am* The wind howls and so do the yetis. Our heroes leap out of caravan wagons as the merchants and their charges try desperately to keep the horses and pack animals from panicking and wreaking more havoc. In spite …

  • Over Sea and Over Land

    In the week after the fall of Rilsa Rael, Bhaal's Chosen, our heroes began tying up loose ends. [[:alan-whitcomb | Alan Whitcombe]] and [[:aldric-longbeard | Aldric Longbeard]]both went south on missions of memorial. One, to see to the burial of his short …

  • Bryn Shander

    *Population* 1,200 Bryn Shander is the largest of the Ten Towns and one of only two that is walled. It serves as the trade hub for the region, as well as the agreed upon home for political conferences.

  • Mithann

    The priest who established the counter-intuitive shrine of Amaunator in Bryn Shander, is a retired adventuring cleric from Cormyr named Mithann. She has a strong personality and speaks a powerful message of hope and rebirth. She calls Amaunator by old …