The Ice Witch

The Chosen of the ice goddess Auril


Female Human Chosen of Auril


Though no one is certain of her identity, what fleeting glimpses have been seen of the infamous Ice Witch seem to indicate she was once a member of one of the Reghed tribes. Now the Chosen of the evil winter Goddess, Auril, she seeks to bring her goddesses will to all of Icewind Dale…by force.

The Ice Witch is blessed with Auril’s power. She freezes whatever she touches, and she can hurl icicles at distant foes. She can walk across water by freezing it with every step or turn the ground beneath her to slippery ice. She com mands absolute obedience from the beasts ofthe tundra, and winter storms rise at her will. What’s more, she can shape an image ofherselfout ofice and snow and imbue it with her conscious- ness, creating a duplicate that carries out her will (and Auril’s). Thus, the people ofthe Reghed tribes believe that she cannot be harmed by weapons – for she has received lethal blows during several skirmishes only to disintegrate into a pile of ice and snow, her mockingly laughter wafting away on the winter winds.

It has been confirmed by her father that Hedrun Arnsfirth, a daughter of the Elk Tribe is the Ice Witch. An odd, sad girl who manifested supernatural powers at an early age, Hedrun became a pariah. strange events occurred in her presence. Hot food swiftly grew cold. Fires had to be built higher to
keep them burning. She always felt as cold as death, so everyone avoided her touch—all except a young warrior ofthe tribe, the son ofthe shaman. Despite being constantly warned to stay away from Hedrun, he was instead drawn to her beauty and distant sad- ness. They began to talk secretly, sneaking away.
from the camp when they could to share their pri vate thoughts. On one such intimate excursion, they kissed for the first—and last—time. The son of the shaman instantly froze to death, touched by his love’s lips but killed by Auril’s jealousy.

The frightened and infuriated tribe banished Hedrun, stripping her ofall protection and leaving her to die on the freezing tundra. But she did not die.

The Ice Witch

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