Tellus Casavir

(DECEASED) Baldurian noble and scoundrel arcanist


Male Human Rogue


Tellus returned to Baldur’s Gate after having been instructed to start his studies at a seminary. Having no intention of being a priest, he follows in the footsteps of his former pirate father and is embroiled in dangerous adventures with unscrupulous sorts. His high birth is as much burden as boon – since he would rather his family not know that he disregarded their wishes and is risking his life.

They eventually found this out, however, as Tellus became embroiled in the conflict to save his city from the machinations of Rilsa Rael, a deadly Guild operative who had become the Chosen of the murder god Bhaal. Eager for adventure – and to get away from familial obligations, Tellus accompanies his friends northward to Icewind Dale, happy to settle a score with the nefarious Bormuls.

Tellus died on the open tundra of Icewind Dale, when a yeti of enormous size breathed a chilling wind over his body, encasing him in solid ice that shattered.

Tellus Casavir

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