Mjenir Tormhaalt

A insular, suspicious barbarian shaman


Human Shaman


Apprenticed at a young age to the tribe’s previ ous shaman, Mjenir has a deep understanding of the ways ofthe tundra—the flow ofthe land, the rhythm ofthe weather, the delicate interplay between herd animals and predators. This knowledge alone would make Mjenir an invaluable member ofthe tribe, but even more important, he has a connection to the Spirit world.It is common knowledge among the tribesfolk that Mjenir can speak with animals, and some believe that he canreadomens in theclouds.

Mjenir had a son, Olaf, the sole offspring of his short marriage to a now long-dead wife. Olafdid not have his father’s gift for speaking with spirits or his curiosity about the world around him, instead train- ing as one ofthe tribe’s warriors. Perhaps as a result oflosing his mother at a young age and growing up with a father who seemed more interested in con- versing with birds and squirrels, Olafwas more quiet and reserved than the other warriors. When a girl named Hedrun began to manifest strange abilities and was shunned by the rest ofthe tribe, Olaf was drawn to the young woman, notjust for her beauty but for the loneliness they both endured.

Suspicious of Hedrun because of the strange and uncontrolled powers she exhibited, Mjenir would not have approved of such a coupling. When he belatedly realized how fascinated Olafwas with the young woman, it heightened Mjenir’s fear that Hedrun would steal away everything that belonged to him: both his son, and his monopoly on the tribe’s supernatural welfare. He forbade Olaffrom seeing the girl, which naturally had the effect ofdriving his son straight into Hedrun’s arms. Tragically, and strangely, Olaf froze to death at Hedrun’s touch – no doubt a result of the girl’s future connection to Auril (See: Cult of Auril)

In anger at this outrage, but out of fear for her wild magical powers, Mjenir pushed for Hedrun’s banishment, rather than her death. The girl had not been seen by the tribe since, and was presumed dead.

Mjenir Tormhaalt

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