An optimistic priestess of Amaunator


Female Human Cleric (Amaunator)


The priest who established the counter-intuitive shrine of Amaunator in Bryn Shander, is a retired adventuring cleric from Cormyr named Mithann. She has a strong personality and speaks a powerful message of hope and rebirth. She calls Amaunator by old names—the Morninglord and the Glory ofDawn—that evoke a different image from that ofthe stern, rigid sun god who is worshiped farther south. When the sun first rises from the long winter twilight late in the month of Haininer, Mithann leads the god’s most popular festival—a great feast in the town hall.

Mithann takes a great interest in adventurers who come to Bryn Shander, largely because of her past but also because she genuinely cares about the people ofTen-Towns. She has seen too many so- called heroes try to exploit the citizens ofthe region, so she keeps a close eye on the ones who seem shady or selfish. On the other hand, she gives as much aid as she can muster to those who seem genuinely inter- ested in helping the people ofthe dale.

Mithann is an old friend and adventuring partner of the paladin Isteval.


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