King Jarund Elkhardt

A hardened but cautious barbarian king


Human Barbarian (Warlord)


King Jarund Elkhardt is a towering barbarian whose deeply tanned skin and mane ofauburn hair bespeak a life utterly removed from the comforts of civilization. Anyone who speaks with the terse ruler, however, learns thatJarund is no savage. At forty-two winters, he is the oldest king among all the barbarian tribes and has led the Elk Tribe for over halfhis life. Jarund has seen other kings rise and fall, has made war with his friends and peace with his enemies, and has led tribesmen he knew as babes to their deaths in battle. Always he has kept the survival ofthe Elk Tribe foremost in his efforts, and the strain of his long years ofrule is written on his face.

Some members ofthe Elk Tribe refer to their
king as Jarund the Elder, though never in his pres ence. The epithet is an allusion to the king’s late son, Jarund Twice-Born, who was killed three years ago in a hunt when he tried to bring down a cave bear. His spear struck true, but the creature tore open
the young man’s chest in its death throes, leaving Jarund without an heir. The king never speaks of his son and shows no favor to any other warriors of the tribe to mark a possible successor. But as old as he is, Jarund cannot ignore the matter ofsuccession for long, and many warriors have already started posturing against one another in the event that the king were to fall.

King Jarund Elkhardt

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