J'ah Casavir

Wandering Peacenik/Politician in Baldur's Gate


Wood Elf Monk


One of the famous “Heroes of the Wide” in Baldur’s Gate, J’ah Kreature was an enigma. A powerful monk from Kara-Tur who practiced peace, compassion, and healthy living, he avoids killing his foes at all costs. After being one of the heroes who defeated the cult of Bhaal, Kreature insinuated himself onto the Parliament of Peers under the tuteledge of former pirate Quentin Casavir and retired hero Coran.

His tenure there would last barely two months when he was called into service in Icewind Dale. The paladin of Amaunator, Isteval, requested that Kreature travel by portal to Icewind Dale as an ambassador from Baldur’s Gate.

He did so, and quickly went under cover among the shady brotherhood seeking to usurp control of Ten Towns. During the investigation, he was reunited with some of his former traveling companions, learning that his friend’s son, Tellus Casavir had fallen in battle. In honor of his lost companion, Kreature declared himself a blood brother of house Casavir, and took their name for his own, becoming J’ah Casavir.

J'ah Casavir

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