Derrick the Drowner

A cruel human pirate with a ruined face


Human Pirate Captain


Derrick Gaffner is the captain ofthe Howling Fiend, although ever since the attack that branded him an outsider he has been known by the folk on Lac Dinneshere as “T)errick the Drownder.” A hot-headed man even before he was corrupted by the black ice, Derrickhas a face battered from a lifetime ofbrawling— his nose has been broken numerous times, and one of his ears was half torn off in a nasty fight. Most recently, his cheek was opened up by a fisher’s knife during one ofthe pirate raids. Lacking needle and thread, Derrick had one ofhis men close the wound with fishhooks, which still hang from the angry red scar.

Derrick leads his crew by example, using intimidation to quash any dissent. He’s not much of a strategist (it was one of the other crew members who pointed out that they probably shouldn’t conduct their raids in broad daylight) and tends to follow his passion, raiding for the sheer joy of striking terror into the people o fLac Dinneshere. As such, Derrick is easily manipulated—even by his own crew— although his temper makes it dangerous to do so, since he doesn’t hesitate to maim or kill anyone he suspects of trying to make a fool of him.

Derrick was apprehended by the Heroes of the Wide, and turned over to the authorities in Easthaven, where he awaits a trial that will no doubt end in his execution.

Derrick the Drowner

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