Bertolf Crane

Former Viper in the Zhentarim


Human Warlord


Working his way up to the rank of “Viper” in The Zhentarim, Crane was in Waterdeep when his superiors assigned him to a new recruit, Guy Bormul. Bormul was an upstart who used his wealth, name, and connections to attain his position, having no prior experience as a mercenary. Both he and his uncle were given positions of rankt hat made them Crane’s direct superiors. After two months under Bormul’s command (most of that spent in or traveling to the god’s forsaken tundra of Icewind Dale) Bertolf had enough.

He resigned his position and fled the Zhentarim headquartered in Easthaven. Unsurprised, he found them persuing him, and fled intot he wilderness. During a storm, Bertolf lost his way and became the quarry of a pack of owlbears. Thanks to intervention by the vengeful Pelagornis Sandersi IV Bertolf escaped the grasping claws of the owlbears. He found himself in the company of the heroes of the wide from Baldur’s Gate, and agreed to join them in their quest to dispose of the hated Guy Bormul.

Bertolf Crane

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