Baerick Hammerstone

An irritable dwarfand Black Ice entrepaneur


Male Dwarf Fighter


Armed with a great maul fashioned ofblack ice and girded in plate mail made ofthe same stuff, Baerick Hammerstone is the leader ofa group ofxenopho bic dwarves who have severed ties with Stokely Silverstream and brought the dwarven valley to the brink ofcivil war.

It all began with a mining expedition fronted by a wizard’s apprentice from Luskan. The expedition journeyed to the northern slopes ofthe Spine ofthe World. After much searching, Baerick found what the apprentice wizard sought: a black stone as smooth as glass. Though it seemed translucent at first glance, a trick ofthe eye caused it to look darker the longer Baerick squinted at it, as if the stone were drinking in light. More impressively, when he took his pick to the stone, he could not damage it.

Back at his workshop, Baerick set about trying to carve the stone. He discovered that heating the stone in a forge softened it enough to be carved, and he began fashioning small trinkets from the samples he had brought back. Baerick put his “black ice” trinkets, as he dubbed them, up for sale, and they spread quickly among the dwarves. Baerick excavated more of the black ice and sold his trinkets even more widely. The wizard apprentice who first hired him acted as his agent in Ten-Towns, and soon Baerick received commissions for other objects made ofblack ice—knives, fishing hooks, even a ram for one of the boats on Lac Dinneshere. Eventually, he began to experiment with fashioning weapons and armor from the black ice.

Baerick Hammerstone

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