Alan Whitcombe

A secret agent of a secret erudite order


Male Human Bard/Ranger


Alan has been sent down from the recovering Oghman shrine in Neverwinter (The House of Knowledge) in order to investigate dire portents surrounding the fate of Baldur’s Gate. Using his network of contacts and other agents of the faith he hopes to root out the cause of this disturbance.

After becoming one of the heroes of the city and defeating Rilsa Rael, the Chosen of Vhaal, Alan swore an oath of vengeance against Guy Bormul and Rexus Bormul for their part in the death of his sometime paramour, Cassondra Fairweather.

His oath, and the orders of his superiors, will lead him far to the north, into the unforgiving snows of Icewind Dale.

Alan Whitcombe

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