Akar Kessell

A wizard who was once servant to The Crystal Shard


Wight (Former Human Wizard)


Akar Kessell had been a rather underwhelming person, and an even more underwhelming wizard sworn to the Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan. His crowning acheivement was the assassination of his mentor, a task he was manipulated into committing by his peers, who left him to die in the wastes of Icewind Dale. But Kessell’s fortunes changed when he came upon Crenshinibon – the nefarious Crystal Shard.

Using the shard’s power, he erected several obsidian crystaline towers and used the evil gem’s power to warp the minds of orcs, giants, goblins, and other savage humanoids, manipulating them into serving him. With his own private army, Kessell sought to enslave all of Icewind Dale to his will, but was ultimately defeated and killed by Dr’zzt Do’Urden and his companions.

But cruel men who die with malice in their hearts don’t always rest easy. Kessell has arisen in the form of a Wight, still posesses of his memories, hatred, and evil disposition. The shard left its mark on him and his spellcasting abilities have improved remarkably, as has his ambition and cruelty.

Akar Kessell

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