Corruption in Icewind Dale

The Breaking of Icingdeath

Act I — Session 6

Eleint (September) 29th, 11:59 pm

The undead dragon made no sound, other than the thundering of its rickety and powerful bulk against the hard packed ice. The chamber erupted with shouts to Tempus and the Elk tribe, as southern hero and tribal hero alike sprang into action. Icingdeah’s corpse reared back and blasted his frigid breath across the field, causing Alan Whitcombe to collapse into a shivering pile, his eyelids sealed shut by the cold.

While Kharatazul the Chastised used his dark magicks to impede The Ice Witch, (who the bold Hengar Aesnvaard revealed to be an Elk Tribe outcast) the other set upon Icingdeath. Dodging and weaving they encircled the beast to evade another blast of his deadly breath. One of the barbarians worked the precious droplets of a healing potion into Alan’s throat, beeseching him to “make it count.” Alan retunred the favor and his words with a spell, and began to support the warriors with his keen tactical mind (all while clutching his wounds).

Mr. Jones and the noble Pelagornis Sandersi IV both used lengths of rope to attempt to bind the dragon. Their gambit would prove wise: Pelagornis was able to keep pace with th dragon by smashing his grappnel hook into its icy bulk, while Jones impeded the undead beast’s ability to land with his ropes.

Zhuul spent all his will halting the Ice Witch’s spells, buying the barbarians and the ever loyal Eye-Gore to cut her down. To their dissapointment, the form of the witch collapsed into snow and ice, her fell voice mocking them on the wind and promising that she would send another body after them, and yet others until they were still in icy graves.

With the whole of their force turned against the dragon, it wasn’t long before Jones struck the ultimate blow as the heedless Hengar violently wrenched the ice spear that had killed the dragon in life.

With the creature still and Auril’s cruel will fled from the shattered bones, the barbarians were able to recover their captives and our heroes. After a night’s rest, they returned to the Elk Tribe encampment under the first sunlight in days. A feast was laid out before them and there was much rejoicing at the breaking of the Bear Tribe’s forward redoubt. Our heroes were feasted and celebrated, and made honorary memebers of the Tribe fo the Elk.

Eleint 30, 3:35 pm
The tribe’s leader, King Jarund Elkhardt, bid them to question Soren Aesenvaard. While a bold warrior, he was still the father of the girl who now called herself “Auril’s Chosen,” the dreaded ice witch. Without violence or coercion they determined that Soren had no part in her treachery, and held his tongue only to preserve his daughter’s life. He did all he could to talk her out of her madness, and is now resolute int he knowledge that his only child is lost to reason.

In speaking with the tribe’s spiritual guide, Mjenir Tormhaalt, Jones found two solid leads in the direction of the Axe of Drest MacRath (Called “Kresselack the Black Wolf” in Icewind Dale). The axe was either in the posession of the Bear Tribe’s champion, or in the frigid and forbidding Spine fo the World mountains, in a cursed climbe of tombs called the Vale of Shadows.

Zhuul agreed to such an expedition, but it was reluctantly agreed that such a trip would be postponed until after Pelagornis had searched the town of Easthaven for the two Bormuls, or any sign of their new allies among The Zhentarim. For now, the nearest settlement on the way would mean a return trip to Dwarven Valley.

This meant that Jones might get a chance to speak his new found feelings for the adventurous young dwarf, Helda Silverstream. But being a staunch traditionalist, the yet unknowning Aldric Longbeard breathed his displeasure at the notion of man and dwarf “fraternizing.”

The open tundra lay before them. They had been gone from Ten-Towns for days now, and at least two and a half more days of travel lay ahead before they might reach Easthaven. Much could happen on the dangerous icy wastes, especially now that they had earned the wrath of Auril and her cult.

EXP: 850 each
-x10 50gp gems
-x2 250 gp art objects
-Jaunty Hat
-Summer themed ring
-x2 yeti hide cloaks
-potion of cold resistance
-potion of hill giant str

Individual amounts once divided: 110 copper, 400 silver, 310 gold



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