Corruption in Icewind Dale

Rescue in Bryn Shander

Act I — Session 2

Eleint (September) 25, 1485 DR – 6:07 am

The wind howls and so do the yetis. Our heroes leap out of caravan wagons as the merchants and their charges try desperately to keep the horses and pack animals from panicking and wreaking more havoc. In spite of the monster’s raw strength, supernatural powers, and the advantage of ambush, the party prevailed in cutting them down after a deadly and risky skirmish. In the end, only two of the caravaners were killed, and no supplies were lost to the monster’s sneak attack. As blades were being sheathed, Kharatazul the Chastised noticed off in the distance a localized squall concealing the form of a young woman, who seemed to vanish into the wind.

Zul was also left with another mystery. When he summoned for the power of his otherworldly patron to materialize his mystical spear, the weapon “hatched” into a horrific looking fey creature. Eager to please, and instinctively linked to the warlock, it obeyed his commands and did its part in the battle, though it did little to resolve the problem of why it had appeared so suddenly.

As the party made the final march through the gates of Bryn Shander they overheard guards speculating that the attack was brought on by the barbarian tribesman of the dale, one of whom had been arrested just a day before. The timing to them, seemed suspicious.

Happy to be someplace relatively safe, the amiable Helda Silverstream thanked her companions for their assistance in the fight and their camaraderie on the long journey. She offered to hire them as an escort north to Dwarven Valley in a few days, once she had completed the sale of her goods. Helda indicated that she would be staying at the inn closest to the city’s north gate, a hostel called The Northlook.

As the party began to make arrangements to use Bryn Shander as a base of operations in their hunt for the snow witch, they came upon the aforementioned prisoner in the town’s market square. Hengar Aesnvaard, of the Reghed Tribes was bound to a post in the square, sentenced to death by exposure and watched by two surly town sentinels.

Our heroes exchanged words with both the young barbarian and his imprisoners – discovering that he had been accused of trying to steal an enormous sum of money (by the local standards) and assaulting a shopkeeper. Hengar claimed that he came to Bryn Shander to seek aid for his people, beleaguered as they were by the depredations of the Ice Witch and her bestial minions. After a chat with the town sherif and the woman who claimed that Hengar tried to rob her, it was clear that the young man was being treated unjustly, and his lead in the direction of Auril’s Chosen was invaluable. It was decided to rescue him.

Meanwhile, Zul communed with his patron to inquire about the sudden change in plans. The demure and capricious being who granted him his otherworldly strength explained that he would be safer with a companion, rather than a weapon that put him on the front line and in harm’s way. She explained that he was here to slay the Ice Witch, a foe of his Mistress, and to undo the works of Auril and her minions wherever he found them. She encouraged him to go along with the party on their quests and errands, to earn their trust and support, as their strength and success was requisite to her plans.

Eleint 25 — 11:52 am
The daring escape was planned, and swiftly hatched. While Mr. Jones served as an unwitting distraction to the clothier, Miss Alcott, Tellus Casavir crept in invisibly, and secured her lockbox – the very item she claimed Hengar was after. Though the shopkeeper noticed his invisible presence in the store, she did not reveal the rogue himself, and had no clear idea what was going on. Her suspicions raised though, she called in the guards to pursue any fleeing thieves (word of whom was supplied by Tellus himself) and to hold the odd Mr. Jones for questioning.

In the market square, Alan Whitcombe appeared in the guise of Sherif Markham, drawing more sentinels away from the young barbarian. Pursuit of the “thief” continued, aided by an illusory footpad leaping from rooftop to rooftop. In the commotion, Alan cut down Hengar from his bonds, taking on his appearance and replacing him on the stand. Swiftly, Aldric Longbeard bound the Elk tribesman in a cloak, and rushed off to provision him for an escape. Alan bought the party as much time as his spell allowed, escaping by detonating a deadly thunderwave that killed a guard and a civilian, before he turned invisible and slipped away.

Alonside all this, the search for Guy Bormul and his uncle Rexus Bormul, as well as The Zhentarim mercenaries that they accompanied continued. Though few in Bryn shander will willing to speak or knew much of their whereabouts, the party gleaned that the conniving nobles headed north for a few days, returning briefly the day before, and then heading out east. It seemed they would need to be a target for another day.

In a comedy of fortuitous errors, our heroes all bumped into one another at the Northlook, conveying the plan to rush out of Bryn Shander with Hengar in tow, eager to make way to the Dwarven Valley as Helda’s bodyguards. With some fuss and finagling, they moved past the northern gates before word of Hengar’s escape could reach the guards.

Eleint 25 — 10:45 pm
A long, grueling ten hour march later, the party arrived at the southern end of the Dwarven Valley. An attack by a pack of vicious wolves, led by a deadly winter wolf did little to slow them down, and more to fill Aldric’s cart with profitable pelts. But the warm welcome Helda expected would not be coming. As she called out to the sentries on the cliffs of the southern watch post, they shot back a curt answer: “”/characters/dain-stokley-silverstream" class=“wiki-content-link”>Stokely may say ye can enter, but Baerick says ye cannot, and so ye can’t."

EXP Yeti fight + Bryn Shander Rescue + ‘Chievos + RP + Wolf Fight = 575 each
Helda’s reward for seeing her safely to Dwarven Valley = pending



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