Corruption in Icewind Dale

Easthaven: City of Violence

Act II — Session 8

Marpenoth (October) 3 – 10:05 pm
Tensions ran high in the drafty inn, Cairn’s Crossing. As Pelagornis Sandersi IV eyed his sworn foe, Guy Bormul, the young nobleman now affiliated with The Zhentarim grinned in response. Zhent soldiers stood, calling out threats to both Pelagornis, and the defectorBertolf Crane. To make matters worse,t he room turned against our heroes. The Zhentarim had taken a contract to protect Easthaven from a recent bout of piracy, as well as the depredations of criminals based out of Bryn Shander who were attempting to extort local businesses. Pelagornis stood on a table, moments away from firing his crossbow arm and starting a bloody, drag out fight that would tear the inn apart, when the door slammed open.

“Easthaven’s under attack! The pirates have come, they’re on land, burning and looting. Milord of the Zhentarim, you are needed!” Words were exchanged and the tense moment heigtened. Our heroes agreed to let Bormul and his men exit the inn, scoffing at his oaths and promising they would repel the pirates themselves. As the column of Zhentarim troops rushed to the docks, Mr. Jones picked a fight with one of the local recruits, and beheaded the man, waving his grim trophy around to the dismay of his allies. Our heroes barely had time to form a plan before a detachment of pirates made their way towards the inn. Alan Whitcombe broke off in disguise to continue his pursuit of Bormul, and taking to the rooftops, the unstoppable J’ah Casavir followed his friend.

As a running battle raged throughout Easthaven, a new foe entered the fray – commoners in plain clothes grabbed Pelagornis and Guy Bormul, each band lead by a priest calling out to Auril. The cultists were attempting to kidnap the incapacitated warriors, dragging them off for some foul purpose. Thanks to the intersession of our heroes, the cultists were defeated and dispersed.

Having chased away the cult mob, Alan finally confronted an incapacitated and gravely wounded Guy Bormul as Casavir held the approaching Zhentarim off. Getting the answers to the questions he asked, he ended Bormul’s life with a dagger to the throat.

Meanwhile, the cultists had dragged away a magically paralyzed Pelagornis, fleeing from his allies as they came to the iron paladin’s aid. Foiled at every turn as Bertolf Crane shot down the fanatics and an enraged Mr. Jones crushed others underneath debris, the priest of Auril detached Pelagornis’ head (And thus, the skull containing his immortal soul) and ran off with the steel helmet. Not one to stand idle during his own abduction, Pelagornis drew on his holy might and bite the assailant, nearly killing him. Eventually, after a chase, Aldric Longbeard tracked the hooded figure to a home, and the priest was killed.

As our separated heroes reconvened (and Pelagornis was reunited with his body) the pirates closed in, hoping to make a quick escape with whatever loot they could snag in the face of their botched raid. Casavir and Aldric boarded the raider’s flagship to confront the captain, a scarred and snarling Derrick the Drowner, while the remaining heroes stood on the docks, ready to cut down the fleeing pirates.



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