Corruption in Icewind Dale

Cave of the Bear Clan

Act I — Session 5

Eleint (September) 28, 12:15 am
Roars in the dark! Our heroes were beset on all sides by the hairy beasts of the tundra. Two yetis, and two polar bears, attacking in coordination fell on our heroes as they slept. Though startled and groggy, their reflexes and survival instinct kicked in, and the party put up a valiant defense, slaying their foes swiftly though not without harm.

Barely awake, Mr. Jones took and dished out a few blows, before trying to crawl back into his furs, much to the irritation of Kharatazul the Chastised. This also did little to earn him the respect of their Barbarian guide, Hengar Aesnvaard.

Eleint (September) 29, 8:45 am
The attack meant a later start in the morning, which frustrated Hengar, but the party carried on. Thanks to Alan Whitcombe‘s tested skill as a wilderness tracker, they arrived around midday. Funeral pyres burned on a low hill nearby, a portend of the ill tidings they were to find within the camp of the Reghed Tribes’ Elk Tribe.

There they were welcomed with some apprehension: for the barbarians had just endured a great hardship. A raid by the tribe of the Bear had ended poorly for Hengar’s brethren. Some were dead, and several warriors were captured and hauled off with thebear tribe raiders…into a blistering winter storm. It seemed that rumors were true – the tribe of the bear had allied themselves with Auril.

When our heroes were caught up on the tragedy, Hengar made introductions with his people, including the ruler of the tribe, King Jarund Elkhardt. The king was skeptical of Hengar’s mission to seek aid from Bryn Shander, but given the beleaguered state of his tribe, he was in no position to argue.

Against the advice of his shaman and vizier, Mjenir Tormhaalt, the King agreed accept the help of outsiders – and worse, soft civilized men who lived behind stone walls! They showed little respect to Mr. Jones, though the shaman agreed to answer his questions about the mysterious historical figure “Drest Mac Rath” (called “Kresselack The Black Wolf” by the Elk Tribe shaman) and his fabled axe. Assuming, of course, Jones and his friends could successfully rescue the missing tribal warriors.

Then a horn of warning was sounded. Four of the raiders appeared from the East once again, this time with a captive in tow. The prisoner, a man named Soren, was one of the warriors kidnapped earlier. He was returned to bring an ultimatum to the Elk from the Bear’s new god, the Ice Witch: surrender to her completely and turn to the worship of the Ice Witch, or be destroyed. The King, of course, refused, and gave his nod for our heroes to strike against the raiders swiftly and rescue Soren. Mjenir objected to this breach of protocol, but to no avail.

Pursued by ravenous wolves, the party, now joined by a dozen elk tribe warriors, (including Hengar, Soren, and a strange guide named Folnor, who claims to have “killed” the Ice Witch only to see her return) our heroes pressed on. Soon they arrived at the encampment of the Bear tribe – a sacred place called “Evermelt.” Hengar was all to eager teplain that the rangely warm pool was situated over a hot spring that welled up in front of the great glacier. It was home to the cave wherein dwelt the white dragon Icingdeath, who was killed oer 100 years prio by the Elk Tribe hero and barbarian unifier, Wulfgar son of Beorngar.

September 29, 11:15 pm
Under cover of dark, the raiding party began to scale the glacial morraine, but was discovered in their attack. Arrows rained down, but the warriors were swift in taking the ridge, and a enormous skirmish ensued in the valley blow. Inspired by the presence of Pelagornis Sandersi IV, himself mounted on a massive supernatural elk, they fought hard and fast. Despite facing stiff resistance, and in part thanks to the reckless boasts of Jones, the elk tribe andtheir foreign allies carried the day.

After licking theirwounds, they made the dangerous descent into the pool, whihc lead to a deadly chute exiting far below the ground. The landing ws hard, but in this underground grotto were the captives whic our heroes sought. They swiftly dispatched the Bear shaman and his elite zealots, then freed the captives, now nearly dead from exposure.

But there was one more chaber ahead. One more threat. The Ice Witch herself. Gathering together what remained of theassault force, they pressed on.

And indeed, their foe stood before them. “Hedrun? By Tempus, SHE’S the Ice Witch?” Hengar spat in disbelief. The barbarian youth swiftly explained that this girl, the Ice Witch, was exiled from the Elk Tribe a year ago. Soren, thmanthey hd resced earlier in the day, who had been sent by the withc to deliver her ultimatum, was her father.

But questions must wait until later. The witch was readied for batle, and the frozen bones and decayed flesh of the horrific Icingdeath began to stir, a malevolent blue light shining in his long dead eye sockets. Auril’s wrath was upon them…



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