Corruption in Icewind Dale

Blood and Snow

Act III – Session 11

As our heroes licked their wounds, they chanced upon a warrior from one of the Reghed Tribes, the Elk Tribe, their allies and the clan to whom bold Hengar Aesnvaard calls his own. This Elk Tribe hunter informed the party that the tribe was meeting in Bryn Shander to take part n a landsmeet. Scouts from Ten Towns were now aware of the army assembled by The Ice Witch, and plans were underway to forge an alliance to strike back.

Soon, the party was ready to leave, and accompanied the hunter until they made contact with a column of dwarf warriors, headed by Dain Stokley Silverstream, eager to throw in with the forces arrayed against Auril and her followers.

While waiting for the meeting to commence, the party was confronted by Rexus Bormul and his Zhentarim allies, including a Gitzerai mercenary who spoke little if any common. Rexus came clean, admitting that his nephew slew Alan Whitcombe‘s paramour, and begging (albeit with some dignity) to end the enmity between his house and that of Pelagornis Sandersi IV. Pelagornis agreed under the stipulation that Rexus pay him (right then and there, everything he had on him) and that Rexus renounce his family name, titles, and benefits. Reluctantly, the disposessed noblemen agreed, and spared his life. The ever heroic J’ah Casavir nonetheless dueled the Githzerai, besting him, and earning a magical weapon as trophy for the victory.

Though the landsmeet was a tense affair, our heroes made stirring speeches, and eventually, galvanied all of Ten Towns to their banners. Bryn Shandar demanded that Hengar suffer for the accidental death that occured when Alan used his magic to escape the town in the guise of the young barbarian. Thanks to a scarring plea from J’ah Casavir (a speech werein he offered abodily sacrifice of his finger to waylay the execution of Hnegar), the warrior would be at their side in the battle to come.

Several figures slipped out, as the canny Aldric Longbeard used his wand of threat detection to fish out cultists hiding amongst those who attended the landsmeet. Alan and Mr. Jones slipped away to deal with them, killing an escaping cultist, and the rogue hired by Bryn Shandar’s new Speaker to steal lad from the dwarves. After withdrawing his rapier from the scoundrels chst, Alan pulled the Harper Badge off of his bandolier of trophies.

In secret, Jones and Helda Silverstream continued ther tryst, with Jones finding comfort and assurance in the merchant’s gruff determination. By morning, godbyes and prayers were said, and the ary marched west to face the hordes of the Ice witch.

After days of marching, our heres took up leadership roles amongst the arrayed forces of Icewind Dale. The witch had beasts, orcs, bear tribe warriors, and even a towering Frost Giant still in league agaist our heoes. Witou their fforts over past weeks, her forces would have been much stronger. The battle as swift, and bloody, but in the end Ten Towns and her allies broke the hordes of the ice witch…albeit at great cost.

In the end, 302 lie dead, with many more wounded, some beyond repair. King Jarund Elkhardt received a grevious blow that will certainly put an end to his career on the battlefield, and increases the risk that his authority will be challenged by a young upstart. In secret, he shares his wish that Hengar will choose not to persue the Ice Witch in her tower, and will instead claim leadership for the Elk Tribe.

Our heroes take a moment to thank their gods, count their wounds, and make plans. The physical body of the Ice Witch is out there on the Sea of Moving Ice, safe within her black ice tower. But her Bear Tribe allies left sturdy longships on the shore, and even through the blustery snow, they can make out, dimly, in the idstance, the shadow of her lair…



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